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Re: [gopher] PyGopherd - PYG and executable help

On 2011-07-04 14:11, Art wrote:

I did try Gophernicus, and I do like it a lot. The executable support is

Thanks :-).

However, I've already done a lot of code modifications to PyGopherd to
customise it (especially the HTTP gateway, which as far as I know is not a
feature of Gophernicus). The HTTP gateway is an important piece of the
gopher puzzle here... is there an option that will let me host the HTTP

I just started coding Gophernicus again a week ago and have already added some new features. Right now I'm trying to come up with a simple way of adding that missing HTTP gateway which will be the next major feature (thanks to Firefox loosing Gopher support without addons).

Anyway, I'm currently trying to decide between an included HTTP gateway running on port 70 and external PHP gateway running on top of some other web server software. Both have their ups and downs... I like the intergated thingy more, but it's got a problem with the port 70/TCP outgoing being blocked in quite a lot of places.

Then there's this crazy idea of skipping HTTP and just doing an FTP gateway.... FTP and Gopher are pretty close actually and FTP is already supported everywhere :-). Besides, HTTP is booring but running Gopher sites over FTP would be geeky.

BTW - You can add OpenBSD 4.9 amd64 (gcc 4.2.1) and Debian 5.0.8 amd64 (gcc
4.3.2),  to the list of compiled-and-working-for-Gophernicus :)

Good. Did you have to fiddle with the HAVE_STRLCPY define in gophernicus.h to make it work on OpenBSD? By default Gophernicus includes its own copy of strlcpy() but since OpenBSD's got one already I'm not sure what happens...

- Kim

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