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Re: [gopher] Homes for the Gopher archive

On Wednesday 19 May 2010 07:49:51 Kim Holviala wrote:
> On 2010-05-18 23:01, Florian Teply wrote:
> > I myself started (and am still somewhere midway i guess) to clean out the
> > archive. As i went through the archive, i've noticed quite some empty
> > files, most notably .gophermap an robots.txt which had the size of zero
> > Bytes.
> I noticed the very same thing, so the first thing I did was:
> # find archive/ -type f -size 0 -exec rm -v "{}" \;
> Followed by:
> # find archive/ -type d -exec rm -v "{}" \;
> In case you're wondering, the second removes emtpy directories only :-).
I basically did the same thing just a little more complicated as i used the 
output of find in a for loop. Had to do it several times though, as an 
otherwise empty directory which has an empty directory in it doesn't count as 

> > the way i also stumbled across some other files that are in my opinion
> > bogus: http GET requests that returned a 404 error.
> There are also loads of gophermaps which only contain "3Error of some
>  kind".
Yeah, saw those too.
> > gopher i removed all of those. Next thing i'll try to do is restoring the
> > gophermap files where available to point to the mirror instead of the
> > original server. Could use some help there though. Any hints on that one,
> > Kim maybe?
> I was lazy... So I'm doing it one site at the time - one server hosts
> one archived site using Gophernicus with some extra command line
> switches, and a second site spiders the "live site" using the hosts-file
> to fix the IP address....
Maybe we should coordinate that a little, as i see no point in two guys doing 
the same grunt work twice in total...


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