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Re: [gopher] Homes for the Gopher archive

On Monday 17 May 2010 21:20:21 John Goerzen wrote:
> Hi folks,
> After the Gopher archive torrent was posted (incidentally, there are
> still seeds and peers for it even now), I got emails from maybe a dozen
> people offering to host it.  Most were just individuals with bandwidth
> to spare.  Many were asking for help setting up something to serve it up
> with, which unfortunately I don't have the time to provide.  Is there
> anyone here that would be interested in following up on all the hosting
> offers?  I could pass them on to you if so.  I know that there's already
> an effort to get it online, but I'd like to see it online in more than
> one place/person's server.
More than one place is definitely the way to go in order to preserve the 
I myself started (and am still somewhere midway i guess) to clean out the 
archive. As i went through the archive, i've noticed quite some empty files, 
most notably .gophermap an robots.txt which had the size of zero Bytes. Along 
the way i also stumbled across some other files that are in my opinion bogus: 
http GET requests that returned a 404 error. From the mirror hosted at my home 
gopher i removed all of those. Next thing i'll try to do is restoring the 
gophermap files where available to point to the mirror instead of the original 
server. Could use some help there though. Any hints on that one, Kim maybe?

> Unfortunately, my efforts to find an institutional home for the archive
> have so far struck out.  No reply from archive.org and ibiblio.
That sucks indeed.


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