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[gopher] Re: This mailing list

As the first option I would say to check which of other options makes
problems people who use own mail servers with DynDNS. What is very
important to me on this list is that I haven't have any problems about
mail yet. This could change if you switch to Google Groups. as far as I
know large email services do not accept emails from DynDNS email
servers. It is explained by spam fight, however, a guy who worked t such
one large email service told that their operators sell burned CDs with
data about all new registered accounts to somebody every evening, their
bosses know about that and don't do anything against that, so obviously
the bosses also have some money from that - when you know that all their
words about spam fight seem to be just f*ing shit - sorry for my French.
So I think they just block their potential or real concurrents on the
email market. Anyway, I'm afraid that after the service migrates to
Google Groups or whatever I will have problems with this list, so please
- be carefull, ensure that there will be no problems for users like me
because of the migration. If you want youcan first create a test mailing
list using Google Groups and I will test if it will be OK for me about
posting there. I like this list, but I don't want any technical
problems, I don't want that it starts to refuse all my mails at some
Thanks in advance.

=D0=92 =D0=A7=D1=82=D0=B2, 13/08/2009 =D0=B2 19:09 -0500, John Goerzen =D0=
> Hi,
> I noticed recently that Ecartis, the mailing list software I run on
> complete.org, was dropped
> from Debian in May and apparently hasn't had an upstream release since 20=
> After some checking, it looks like my two main options are to switch to
> Mailman or to Google Groups.
> I really hate my current archives on list.complete.org, which break all
> threads at month boundaries and have no search engine.  Mailman's is no
> better.
> Google Groups is, and as a bonus provides a web-based forum-like
> interface.  Personally I detest those, but I know there are many that
> like 'em.
> I'm thinking I'll do this:
> 1) Make sure full archives are present at gmane.org.
> 2) Migrate this list and the subscriber list to either Mailman on my
> server or Google Groups, making sure new posts there also archive on Gman=
> 3) Issue HTTP redirects to the new archives for each post.
> What opinions do you all have?
> -- John

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