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[gopher] Re: This mailing list

* John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> [090813 17:31]:
> I really hate my current archives on list.complete.org, which break
> all threads at month boundaries and have no search engine. Mailman's
> is no better.

I've been wanting to have better archives for some mailman lists I
admin. Searching around for options brought me to this [1] on the
mailman wiki, where there's a suggestion of using Lurker [2] as a
3rd-party archiver. Haven't had a chance to play around with it yet...
These [3] seem to be some examples of Lurker in use.

[1] http://wiki.list.org/display/DEV/ModernArchiving
[2] http://lurker.sourceforge.net/
[3] http://archives.free.net.ph/splash/index.en.html

I'd be in favor of GNU Mailman over Google groups, but I agree,
better archiving & searching would be good to have.


John Magolske

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