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[gopher] This mailing list


I noticed recently that Ecartis, the mailing list software I run on
complete.org, was dropped
from Debian in May and apparently hasn't had an upstream release since 2003.

After some checking, it looks like my two main options are to switch to
Mailman or to Google Groups.

I really hate my current archives on list.complete.org, which break all
threads at month boundaries and have no search engine.  Mailman's is no

Google Groups is, and as a bonus provides a web-based forum-like
interface.  Personally I detest those, but I know there are many that
like 'em.

I'm thinking I'll do this:

1) Make sure full archives are present at gmane.org.

2) Migrate this list and the subscriber list to either Mailman on my
server or Google Groups, making sure new posts there also archive on Gmane.

3) Issue HTTP redirects to the new archives for each post.

What opinions do you all have?

-- John

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