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[gopher] Grumpy web & gopher server - new release!

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I'm happy to announce a new release version of the Grumpy web & gopher server: v0.16.

* What is the Grumpy server? *
Grumpy is a simple, easy to install, open-source web & Gopher server for Linux. Grumpy is not a standalone daemon - it requires an inetd-compatible superserver to work. Why one would prefer Grumpy over any other Linux web server, like Apache, Lighttp, Jigsaw...? Well, I wrote Grumpy primarily for fun, but it appears to have become a rather strong web server with some very good points: easy to install, lightweight, secure (as it doesn't support any dangerous features)... Besides that, Grumpy supports the Gopher protocol, too. ;-)

In the latest version, many improvements have been added to the support of the gopher protocol. As for the HTTP server, it is explicitly denying any CONNECT requests, adds a "Last-modified" header whenever possible, supports absolute URI requests, and may send some customized HTTP headers.

* What's new in v0.16 *
 - Any gopher request is truncated at its first TAB (if any found),
 - Gopher requests coming to the server are now checked against some security rules,
 - When returning a text file, the gopher server is replacing all "." (dot-CR/LF) lines by ". " (dot-space-CR/LF),
 - Added the possiblity to create gopher links through *.gopherlink files,
 - Added support for the "P" gopher filetype (for *.pdf files),
 - Added support for gophermaps, overwritting gopher directory listings (requires a grumpy.gophermap file in the directory),
 - Gopher directory's description (found in the "." entry of its descript.ion file) are wrapped if longer than 70 characters,
 - Gopher directory listings are sorted by entries' descriptions (was: by entries' selectors),
 - When geting a CONNECT HTTP request, the server answers with a 501 ("not implemented") code,
 - The HTTP server may serve some additional (customizable) headers: x-powered-by, x-hosted-by, x-server-admin, x-disclaimer,
 - HTTP responses contain a "Last-Modified" header (whenever possible),
 - The <title> header of a directory listing is set to the directory's description (if any),
 - Added support for absolute URI requests (eg. GET "http://domain.com/index.htm"; - see RFC 2616).

The homepage of the project is at:

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste
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