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[gopher] Mozilla Add-ons: OverbiteFF Nomination (fwd)

Good news today -- OverbiteFF is now a public add-on. You should be able to
get automatic updates now and all the good things you would expect. The
reviewer specifically mentioned all the good reviews and I really appreciate
everyone's help in publicizing OverbiteFF. Feel free to write more :)

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To: gopher@floodgap.com
Subject: Mozilla Add-ons: OverbiteFF Nomination
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 15:12:28 -0800
From: Mozilla Add-ons <nobody@mozilla.org>
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Congratulations! Your nominated add-on, OverbiteFF, has been reviewed by a Mozilla Add-ons editor who approved your add-on to be public.

Your most recent version (1.1.1420) has also been made public.

You can view your public add-on now at: http://addons.mozilla.org/addon/7685

Review Information:
Reviewer: Oliver Saier
Comments: Pushing to public per my tests (Linux/Minefield) and the good reviews, thanks for submitting!

If you have questions about this review, please e-mail amo-editors@mozilla.org or join #addons on irc.mozilla.org.

Mozilla Add-ons

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