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[gopher] Re: OverbiteFF theme

> After creation my own skin for OverbiteFF the question appeared: How can 
> I package it for sharing with others (my friends for example)? Must it 
> be packaged as ZIP file and user will unpack it by himself or it must be 
> packaged as XPI file? If it must be packaged as XPI file, what kind of 
> information will contain chrome.manifest? I wrote:
> skin overbiteff LOR-like/0.1 gopherchrome/
> but it was installed somwhere else, not in user's profile directory. :(
> P. S.: I'm also accept suggestions of my grammar corrections. :)

It's not a skin like a Mozilla-skin; it's more of a subset. The way I
envision it is to simply .zip your components together. When your friend
receives the .zip, he makes a folder inside his profile directory called
gopherchrome and puts the contents of the .zip in there. Look at


for exactly how this works. If you have a skin for submission, I can put it
on the Overbite site for others to download (the only restrictions is that
it must appear under Tri-License, and that the work be freely distributable).

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