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[gopher] Re: get binary files using gopher server

Investigation shows that most of the remaining "Web/Gopher/FTP-to-Email" interfaces have been shut down as of January 2008.  In most cases the reason given were "Reduced Usasge" (as if that somehow is a bad thing) !?!
  Anyone with a Unix-based Internet connected computer that has the ability send and receive email can install an optionally "public accessable" gopher client with email interface called "GopherMail".  The GopherMail client software can be found on JumpJet in this selector:
  If you operate GopherMail as a "public accessable" client, send a message to JumpJet, and I will list the clients email address for you.  
Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com> wrote:
  > Huh... a gophermail? What's that?

This is a method for accessing and receiving gopher files by E-mailing
requests to a gophermail server. The server then replies with the file,
usually uuencoded if binary.

wwwmail servers also existed back in the day, but obviously in today's
landscape would be considered ripe for abuse and I don't think there are
many, if any, left anymore.

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