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[gopher] Using WikkaWiki as a gopher client/proxy

I'm one of the devs on the WikkaWiki project, so naturally I use it
whenever I can for various projects.  I had the need to serve up some
files from an internal server, but I didn't want to make it accessible
to the outside world, nor did I want the overhead of Apache just to
serve up files.  Being a glutton for (perl) punishment, I installed
Bucktooth on the internal server, hacked together some pluggable Wikka
code, and now Wikka is on its way to becoming a bonafide gopher

If anyone's interested, you can find my latest efforts (including
screenshots) here:


It's pretty unrefined at this point; I threw it together more as a
proof of concept than anything.  But, it works for what I needed it
to do (serving up a CD image of PDF files), and I might just spend
some more time on it over the holidays.  Because we all know the world
needs *more* gopher access!

If anyone wants to give it a shot, I'm willing to help as time
permits.  The Wikka install is fairly painless, and it's a very
lightweight wiki that won't bog you down.  No modifications to the
base code are needed for this to work.


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