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[gopher] Re: The Gopher Statistics Project

AAARGH!   ..... OK ... I get it.

It was your good self who was the author!
Thank you John Goerzen.


I still like forg. Maybe I should learn some python programming in my spare time!

From: John Goerzen 
Date: 2007/12/03 Mon PM 09:03:17 GMT
To: gopher@complete.org
CC: Maurice McCarthy <maurice.mccarthy@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Re: [gopher] Re: The Gopher Statistics Project

On Sun December 2 2007 5:36:50 am Maurice McCarthy wrote:
> Hi
> I've just installed grml (http://grml.org/) a debian unstable flavour, and
> when I launched:-
> forg gopher://gopher.floodgap.com/1/gstats
> I got this warning:

I don't think forg has been maintained by its author for many years, so I 
wouldn't be surprised to have issues with it.

-- John


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