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[gopher] Re: Gnopher, Themes

> > You can download it or see a screenshot at my gopher which is at
> > sugaku.homeunix.org
> > (available both through http:// and through gopher://).
> Currently not available through both, at least for me (connection refused).
> Which kindly reminds me that Gnopher currently doesn't handle unavailable
> severs correctly %)

My gopher is on a home system, with a cross between dynamic and static ip, and to top it all
of, I'm behind a firewall.  The problem is just with a script I have that updates the ip
registered to sugaku.homeunix.org.  I updated manually, and so it should work now.  I am not
sure how long it was down, so thanks for telling me.  My home computer just has it in
/etc/hosts, and the other computer I was using turned out to be caching it, so I never realised
the problem.

I might make a couple more simple themes based on some free backgrounds.

> Acnyway, I'd love to see your stuff so I'd appreciate it if you could
> resolve this problem. BTW, be sure to make a statement on a) licencing in
> general and b) if this theme may be part of the Gnopher distro and web
> site. It's not like I hire lawyers or so, it's just that I don't ever want
> to do that in the first place :-)

AFAIK the background is freely distributable and not copyrighted, so the theme can basically be
public domain.  I'll include a brief license notice.

> > I might as well also say that bucktooth can handle URLs, as was proposed by John Goerzen.
> I don't completely follow the idea, and I didn't follow the discussion
> either, sorry. Is this documented? And is it useful considering the fact
> that other servers don't (have to) do it as well? No need to re-start the
> whole thread, just give me the conclusions :-)

Other servers and clients don't really matter, but this is (so far) something that people using
bucktooth can do.  Basically the way it works is that instead of the path you enter a URL.  A
smart client will realise this, and other clients will just send this url back to the server,
who provides a brief html redirection.  Just check it out on my gopher (which should probably
be up by now)

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