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[gopher] Gnopher 0.2 released; Nautilus first themeable Gopher client

Gnopher, the Gopher viewer for GNOME, has reached its 0.2 release. This
release indicates an upgrade from Gnopher 0.1 beyond any comparision[1]:
as of this version, Gnopher works as a plugin for Nautilus and the GNOME
VFS. As a result, Gnopher can now view a plethora of file types and

The role of humble servant that Gnopher now forfills hasn't taken away
the program's personality. In fact, AFAIK, Gnopher 0.2 is the first
fully themeable Gopher client ever.

More information can be found in the README[2]. Gnopher 0.2 is available
somewhere at http://gnopher.sourceforge.net/ .

[1] That's because you can't compare it with Gopher 0.1 . And that's
because 0.1 isn't available on the Web anymore. And that's because all
the free hosting providers I've been through stopped their services one
by one. Please read the README if you pity me for that.

Have fun,

Stefan Rieken
"'Abnormal Psychology'. Are you a doctor, mr. Murdock?"
"Uh, no ma'am, I'm insane."

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