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[gopher] Gnopher, Themes

After installing 52 rpms, Gnopher is working for me and is just groovy.  Most
other people will not need to install so many things, but
1) I am using RedHat not Debian (sigh)
2) I did not have nautilas, gnome-vfs, and a whole shebang of stuff
3) I am running Redhat 7.1 and downloaded 7.2 rpms, so everything started to
But enough about this.

Gnopher's going great, and I was even able to put together a theme for it.  You
can download it or see a screenshot at my gopher which is at sugaku.homeunix.org
(available both through http:// and through gopher://).  I am still a bit
uncertain about the link colour.

I might as well also say that bucktooth can handle URLs, as was proposed by John

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