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RFC deb822 sources.list format


the idea of a more user-friendly sources.list in deb822 format was
discussed on irc a while ago - iirc Paul Wise and David Kalnischkies
came up with it (maybe its even older, I'm happy to give proper credit
if someone knows/remembers).

In addition to the traditional one-line format that is currently used
we have a new experimental deb822 style format in development. It
currently looks like this:

# some comment
Type: deb
URI: http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian
Suite: stable testing unstable
Section: main contrib

Supported are also the extra options:
  "Architectures", "Architectures-Add", "Architectures-Remove",

I would welcome feedback on the naming of the
fields/options. E.g. singular vs plural for field names (
"Suite or Suites", "Section or Sections").

The traditional format is of course still fully supported.

Once the format is finalized, adding a interface for python-apt for
this is one of the next steps (i.e. extending the current pkgSouceList
to provide more data and provide Add() and Write() support).


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