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Bug#611569: apt-cdrom doesn't work on GNU/kFreeBSD

Michael Vogt wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 12:26:02PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Michael Vogt wrote:
> > > That is a problem with apt then, I attached a patch that should fix
> > > it and will upload that tonight. I guess the libudev support shadowed
> > > this problem on the other arches.
> > 
> > d-i installs a 00CDMountPoint apt config file containing:
> > 
> > Acquire::cdrom {
> >   mount "/media/cdrom";
> > }
> > Dir::Media::MountPath "/media/cdrom";
> > 
> > This is left behind in the installed system BTW. I don't like that, but
> > we've been working around apt's lack of FHS adherence for quite a while.
> Sounds like one more reason to fix it in apt and ensure it points to
> /media/cdrom 

I agree that that should be fixed in apt -- but it won't fix this bug,
nor is it probably approptiate for squeeze. 

Please let me know when apt is fixed, and we can then remove the
workaround from d-i.

> > Why is the mount point different? I don't know yet. If I correct this
> > to use "/media/cdrom0", then apt-cdrom add works in d-i with no further
> > changes.
> Would it make sense to add a /media/cdrom symlink? And then the admin
> can adjust it if he/she has multiple cdroms? Ideally we would use a
> dynamic solution but because of the lack of a portable one apt uses
> dlopen() on libudev instead of depending on it.

It makes sense to me, but apparently not to FreeBSD's mount program.
Which is probably also a bug in that peice of code too, that should be
fixed. I'm not sure which package that is.

see shy jo

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