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Bug#611569: apt-cdrom doesn't work on GNU/kFreeBSD

On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 12:26:02PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Michael Vogt wrote:
> > That is a problem with apt then, I attached a patch that should fix
> > it and will upload that tonight. I guess the libudev support shadowed
> > this problem on the other arches.
> d-i installs a 00CDMountPoint apt config file containing:
> Acquire::cdrom {
>   mount "/media/cdrom";
> }
> Dir::Media::MountPath "/media/cdrom";
> This is left behind in the installed system BTW. I don't like that, but
> we've been working around apt's lack of FHS adherence for quite a while.

Sounds like one more reason to fix it in apt and ensure it points to
> So I doubt that your patch will help, it only seems to set the same
> Acquire::cdrom setting that we already have. (BTW, the reason we set
> Dir::Media::MountPath too is that apparenly "apt doesn't consistently
> read from the [former] one.")

This is a bit confusing indeed. The Acquire::cdrom::mount is the mount
point used when libudev is not available. The Dir::Media::MountPath is
used when libudev is availabe, it does not need fstab then, it will
mount all cdroms it finds and check if the signature match. This
should probably simply be merged.
> Looking at the syslog, apt says it's going to use /media/cdrom as
> the moint point but then mount seems to be run with /cdrom.
> Screenshot of this weirdness attached.

I don't have a screenshot here. But I'm downloading a image now in
order to reproduce.
> I see that the generated fstab on kFreeBSD contains:
> /dev/cd0	/media/cdrom0	cd9660	ro,auto		0	0
> Why is the mount point different? I don't know yet. If I correct this
> to use "/media/cdrom0", then apt-cdrom add works in d-i with no further
> changes.

Would it make sense to add a /media/cdrom symlink? And then the admin
can adjust it if he/she has multiple cdroms? Ideally we would use a
dynamic solution but because of the lack of a portable one apt uses
dlopen() on libudev instead of depending on it.

> FWIW, this seems close to RC for d-i kFreeBSD, since it makes most
> of the CD images useless (they still work, but most of the bits on the CD
> are not used since it falls back to a mirror), and introduces a error
> dialog into the installation process when installing with most of the CD
> images.

I agree, its a important issues on kfreebsd.


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