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Bug#611569: apt-cdrom doesn't work on GNU/kFreeBSD

Michael Vogt wrote:
> That is a problem with apt then, I attached a patch that should fix
> it and will upload that tonight. I guess the libudev support shadowed
> this problem on the other arches.

d-i installs a 00CDMountPoint apt config file containing:

Acquire::cdrom {
  mount "/media/cdrom";
Dir::Media::MountPath "/media/cdrom";

This is left behind in the installed system BTW. I don't like that, but
we've been working around apt's lack of FHS adherence for quite a while.

So I doubt that your patch will help, it only seems to set the same
Acquire::cdrom setting that we already have. (BTW, the reason we set
Dir::Media::MountPath too is that apparenly "apt doesn't consistently
read from the [former] one.")

Looking at the syslog, apt says it's going to use /media/cdrom as
the moint point but then mount seems to be run with /cdrom.
Screenshot of this weirdness attached.

I see that the generated fstab on kFreeBSD contains:

/dev/cd0	/media/cdrom0	cd9660	ro,auto		0	0

Why is the mount point different? I don't know yet. If I correct this
to use "/media/cdrom0", then apt-cdrom add works in d-i with no further

FWIW, this seems close to RC for d-i kFreeBSD, since it makes most
of the CD images useless (they still work, but most of the bits on the CD
are not used since it falls back to a mirror), and introduces a error
dialog into the installation process when installing with most of the CD

(In a sense, my fix for #609334 in apt-setup 1:0.53 has exposed this
bug. Previously, apt-setup just ignored CDs entirely on kFreeBSD.
(It's somewhat amazing nobody ever noticed that, but then I only noticed
because I was reading the code...) My fix made it try, and now fail to
use them.)

see shy jo

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