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about APT 0.7 apt_0.7.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#121132: 採購易企業禮品通訊 Bug#122304: it`s debra Bug#133421: apt-get purge Bug#158118: is it you? bridget here Bug#160931: Failure notice: RE: MedHelp 572896 Bug#188407: is it you? larissa here Bug#195018: [patch] make DynamicMMap dynamic Bug#202493: I have successfully transfer the funds Re: Bug#227805: /usr/bin/apt-cache: using a command-line specified sources.list (apt-cache -o, -p oddities) Bug#265009: apt--ddtp branch Bug#319339: [patch] bug is still present in Debian Etch and disables announced functionality Bug#394722: apt: String "Found label" in apt-cdrom is not translatable Bug#395233: APT configuration can avoid problems Bug#405476: marked as done (apt: [INTL:ru] Russian program translation update) Bug#407511: apt: Wrong value for APT::Default-Release may cause unwanted upgrades Bug#408877: marked as done (apt: French version of "Yes, do as I say!" difficult to type) Bug#409483: marked as done (apt: [INTL:da] Updated Danish program translation) Bug#412828: marked as done ([INTL:gl] Updated Galician translation for apt) Bug#413324: also seeing this Bug#413551: #413551: apt-cache randomly abort on std::bad_alloc Bug#416638: marked as done (apt: [INTL:tl] Updated Tagalog translation of program template) Bug#416806: marked as done (apt: Marathi apt_po_mr Translation Update) Bug#416822: marked as done (apt: [INTL:zh_CN] Updated Simplified Chinese translation for APT) Bug#422105: apt-get install -t unstable gimp wants to install gimp-help-zh-cn Bug#422889: apt: accrue diffs forever? Bug#423111: apt: [INTL:pt] Updated Portuguese translation Bug#423272: apt: Wrong name for the zh_CN translator in changelog Bug#423373: Implement simple debtags-based searches Bug#423766: apt: [INTL:eu] Basque program translation update Bug#423902: apt should use both md5 and sha1 Bug#423945: apt-get source and apt-get build-dep do not honor --target-release. Bug#424185: apt-utils: Invalid archive signature Bug#424870: apt: Support SH3/SH4 target Bug#425150: apt: Don't show user/pass when failing to download. Bug#425283: apt: send hints to proxies through custom HTTP headers Bug#425415: apt: apt-get is too quiet when verifying files Bug#425415: apt: apt-get source is too quiet when verifying files Bug#426165: apt: Could use a blocking fd to read from the pipe from dpkg Bug#426402: apt: Need better way to specify mirrors for Debian repositiories Bug#426785: apt-get: cannot remove packages when downloading Bug#426913: sources.list.d file name limitations: no @ allowed Bug#60414: it`s rachelle Bug#60488: +From Portugal & Urgent Reply Needed + Bug#93090: is it you? tamara here Bug#94164: com Executive Perspectives Jonathan Schwartz Scott McNealy Greg Papadopoulos Michael Lehman Would you recommend this Sun site to a friend or colleague? challenge setting up apt secure for local repository Congresso Biodiesel FW: Do Fianncial Operations With Our Help EMPLOYMENT OFFER!!!! Inquiry/Urgent Need of Investment........ (Real Estate) Evitan llamadas Improductivas ! (publicidad) Publicidad- Como afrontar una Inspección Laboral Not sure about the logic in apt-cache's DisplayRecord Processed: apt has wacky download statistics for pdiffs Processed: raise severity to important; will be raised to serious, when GCC-4.2 becomes the default (or short before) Processed: raise severity to important; will be raised to serious, when GCC-4.3 becomes the default (or short before) Processed: reassign 423234 to apt Processed: Re: Bug#133421: apt-get purge Processed: Re: Bug#423272: apt: Wrong name for the zh_CN translator in changelog Processed: severity of 423945 is minor, merging 423945 320154 Processed: tagging 394722 Processed: tagging 423111 Processed: tagging 423766 Processing of apt_0.7.1_i386.changes Processing of python-apt_0.7.0_i386.changes Processing of python-apt_0.7.1_i386.changes python-apt_0.7.0_i386.changes ACCEPTED python-apt_0.7.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED python-apt_0.7.1_i386.changes is NEW Response to your ListGuru session [MsgId AA20070503.071001.1] We would like to link to you We would like to link to you! WINNING NOTIFICATION( The last update was on 19:09 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 90 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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