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Bug#261654: spanish manpages updated to apt 0.6.38 in xml format (full patch included)

El dom, 10-07-2005 a las 18:01 +0200, Christian Perrier escribió:
> So, I didn't apply this patch completely, but rather only the debian/
> part. Ruben, could you please try to look closer at this.

I have half of the solution. I use now the makefiles provided to build apt. The
new makefile is simpler (it is attached).

I have modified xml_manpage.mak properly to change the extension of the generated

We should move the english manpages to their own dir 
and add them the suffix "en" for simplicity and symmetry.

With this we will be able to build english, spanish and french manpages
with almost the same makefile.

If you like it I can send the patches.

And now the other part of the solution. I'm not sure yet on how to delete the 
generated manpages using xml_manpage.mak and manpage.mak without duplicating code
in the first one, but stay tuned ;)
# -*- make -*-

# Bring in the default rules
include ../../buildlib/defaults.mak

# NROFF man pages
SOURCE = apt.es.8

include $(MANPAGE_H)

# XML man pages
SOURCE = apt-cache.es.8 apt-cdrom.es.8 apt.conf.es.5 apt-config.es.8 \
         apt-get.es.8 apt-key.es.8 apt_preferences.es.5 sources.list.es.5	 

INCLUDES = apt.ent.es

include $(XML_MANPAGE_H)

#doc: $(SOURCE) apt.es.8

#$(SOURCE) ::  % : %.xml $(INCLUDES)
#	echo Creating man page $@
#	$(XMLTO) man $<

#apt-cache.es.8:: apt-cache.8 
#	mv $< $@

#apt-cdrom.es.8:: apt-cdrom.8 
#	mv $< $@

#apt.conf.es.5:: apt.conf.5 
#	mv $< $@

#apt-config.es.8:: apt-config.8 
#	mv $< $@

#apt-get.es.8:: apt-get.8
#	mv $< $@

#apt-key.es.8:: apt-key.8 
#	mv $< $@

#apt_preferences.es.5:: apt_preferences.5
#	mv $< $@

#sources.list.es.5:: sources.list.5
#	mv $< $@

#clean: clean/$(LOCAL)

	#rm -f $(SOURCE)

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