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Bug#261654: spanish manpages updated to apt 0.6.38 in xml format (full patch included)

Quoting Ruben Porras (nahoo82@telefonica.net):
> Package: apt
> Version: 0.6.38
> Followup-For: Bug #261654
> It's been a long time since I submitted the first manpages in xml format.
> However this time I provide a patch that removes the old documentation 
> and adds properly the new ones.
> apt_doc_es.diff.gz contains the changes under the doc/es dir
> apt_debian.diff contains the changes under debian dir
> In addition I have updated the translation.

Well, the main problem I have is that, even though the source package
embarks the man pages, the real source are the sgml files...

Actually, I think that the generated man pages files should probably
be removed from the source tree.

So, I didn't apply this patch completely, but rather only the debian/
part. Ruben, could you please try to look closer at this.

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