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Bug#230687: [apt-rpm] How can I install package1 which requires an older version of package2?

Op maandag 2 februari 2004 00:46, schreef Matt Zimmerman:
> > Okay found them.  I'll download them for there.  However, before I
> > continue with merging/processing or whatever, I'm curious to know whether
> > you can distribute (apt/deity) with the converted docs (to xml docbook-4)
> > in combination with xmlto (or whatever xml processor you would like to
> > use of course).
> Currently, the way it works is that the man pages are processed ahead of
> time, so that the source tarball includes them in nroff format.  There are
> makefile rules to rebuild them, but when the package is built from source,
> it is not necessary to deal with the translation.


What happens (happened) is that the apt version produced by conectiva is 
pulled out of debian apt and than changed/updated to work with rpm.  
Conectiva than produces a tarball which does not have the preprocessed docs 
and the unprocessed docs are than released.


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