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Bug#167899: apt: Another case of repeated 'updates' to the same version

> > It can't be very useful to install the same package version over and
> > over, so why should apt do it?

> It is, though. APT is an upgrade tool, it tries to bring you into
> syncronization with the debian archive, so if you have a package that
> is not in sync it should be updated. There are various user initated
> ways to prevent updating, but no way to initiate update if this
> feature doesn't exist.

Of course apt must install new versions of a package, but the problem that I
had was that apt was installing exactly the same .deb over and over without
even downloading it again. It didn't notice that it was already in sync,
because it made up two different information records for the single version
that was both installed and selected as best candidate.

Regards, Daniel

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