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Re: Bug#119559: new field for package relations

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> I see. Then I propose to introduce a new package description field:
> Upgrade-To: 
> Which means, (on Upgrade-To: foo (>= 1.2-3)) if you have installed foo,
> then apt-get will force upgrade to at least version 1.2-3 or remove foo.

This is not really something that can be done without some sort of policy
support, you'd have to talk to those folks. I'm not even sure if it will
really solve your problem..

> There is no good way to force the wished behaviour of apt. I do not want
> to force the user to install a package, but if he installs it, it should
> be at least the specified version.

If you sprinkle your conflicts around more librarly (so all members of the
cycle have the necessary conflicts) then things will work out OK.

You could also just leave it as is and let the user figure out how to
solve it, dselect and what not do a good job of interactively prompting
for solutions. These packages are not of a very high priority.


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