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Bug#119559: new field for package relations

retitle 119559 New relation: Upgrade-To:
severity 119559 wishlist

#include <hallo.h>
Debian Bug Tracking System wrote on Wed Dec 26, 2001 um 01:03:03AM:

> > I guess because of that. But how should I enforce an update of kvdr
> > then? I do not want to set direct dependency, since it is not a real
> > dependency, but a conflict to an ancient version and an update of the
> > application is appropriated. 
> Correct. In the presence of complicate OR groups the time required to
> evaluate all the possible solutions is very high (the problem is NP), so
> it doesn't, and won't.

I see. Then I propose to introduce a new package description field:


Which means, (on Upgrade-To: foo (>= 1.2-3)) if you have installed foo,
then apt-get will force upgrade to at least version 1.2-3 or remove foo.

> involves an OR group - which is the worst possible situation. I advise
> that you remove the cycle, or perhaps try provides - the provides logic is
> a little bit more resistant to cycles.

There is no good way to force the wished behaviour of apt. I do not want
to force the user to install a package, but if he installs it, it should
be at least the specified version.

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