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Re: GUI for apt/apt-get

 JG> There are currently several GUI/APT projects going on:
 JG> 1) Corel's Package master based on QTK
 JG> 2) Rumors that Stormix is going to move their package manager from
 JG>    libdpkg to libapt
 JG> 3) GNome-APT (GTK and now orphaned)
 JG> 4) Console-APT
 JG> 5) Aptitude (ncurses)
 JG> 6) Maui (QT)
 JG> The gnome-apt program particularly needs work, ever since Havoc was
 JG> hired by Red Hat he has not had time for it.

I was interested in approaching this from a "Debian(TM) perspective" ie
develop an application for the Debian core dist without too much concern
for what other dists are doing.

Haven't tried out Corel Linux so am not too interested in (1). Also I
believe they are using Qt and there were some issues with that.

Haven't seen any of Stormix so can't comment on what they have done
although based on what I have read their GUI interface to the pkg-mgmt
system sounds nice.

Have heard of (3) and seen screenshots of it, looks nice. Only recently
became aware that it has been orphaned for some time now.

I use Console-APT all the time myself. Just tried Aptitude recently.

Haven't heard of Maui until I got this email of yours.

So the question now is: if I am interested in getting involved with a
GUI to APT, how and where do I start ?

You said that Gnome-APT needs work. My preference would be to work on a
GUI that was GNOME/KDE-neutral. Granted Debian seems to prefer Gtk over
Qt which would then lead to a Gnome-compliant app!!

BTW, what is Deity ?

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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