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Re: apt-get dummy installation

On 22 Sep 1999, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> $ apt-get install -s -c apt.conf.i386 task-sgml                
> Reading Package Lists... Done
> Building Dependency Tree... Done
> Starting
> Starting 2
> Package emacs19 has broken dep on liblockfile0
> Note, a broken or group was found in psgml.
> Note, a broken or group was found in task-sgml.
> Done
> Indeed, emacs19 should depend on liblockfile1 (a bug is pending on
> this).
> task-sgml depends on psgml (>= 1.1.6-3) | xemacs20

Or groups are something that APT cannot resolve around, it's somewhat
overly complicated to do perfectly.
> Installing "task-sgml xemacs20" won't show an error, so the dependancy
> on the or group can be fulfilled. Is there an option to make apt
> continue on such an error with one of the working alternatives?

Yes, on a broken group apt will show the final member of the group in the
error message - I'll change this to show the whole group I think.


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