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Re: Failed upgrade bo->hamm with apt

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

> 	It wasn't pretty, here's a cut and paste:
> dpkg: libreadline2: dependency problems, but removing anyway as you
> request:
>  bash depends on libreadline2 (>= 2.1); however:
>   Package libreadline2 is to be removed.
>  gnuplot depends on libreadline2 (>= 2.1).
>  gdb depends on libreadline2 (>= 2.1).
>  netstd depends on libreadline2 (>= 2.1).
>  libreadline2-dev depends on libreadline2 (= 2.1-2).
> (Reading database ... 14338 files and directories currently installed.)
> Removing libreadline2 ...
> (Reading database ... 14331 files and directories currently installed.)
> Unpacking libreadlineg2 (from libreadlineg2_2.1-9.deb) ...

Well, this isn't pretty. You didn't say what installation method you used,
but it sounds like dselect-upgrade. What happened is this,

dselect marked libreadline for removal (this is what caused the failure)
to remove libreadline we have to install a new bash
to install a new bash we have to install libreadlineg
to install libreadlineg we need to remove libreadline
[ This is the same twisted logic as is applied to the perl/perl-base
  situation and many others like it ]

And that is exactly what it did. You MUST NOT select libreadline for
removal, I'm not sure what I can do to make this safer - something should
be done but nothing is presenting itself to me. One thing would be that it
would been nice if it installed bash directly after libreadlineg - but
that would not have saved the system since libreadlineg's install

The normal sequence of events is this,

install libreadline
install libreadling
install bash

I would almost suggest that unless there is a critical reason why
libreadlineg conflicts with libreadline that conflicts line be removed so
it can order properly in the case of bash being removed.

In light of this I recommend that everyone install bash first before
attempting to upgrade any more, or use dist-upgrade which usually won't
remove libreadline. 

Also, in future, please save a copy of your /var/lib/dpkg/status file
before doing an upgrade - if something goes wrong in APT I can duplicate
it here with the information in that file.


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