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Re: Ack, suggests/recommends

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> An example:
> amanda: libc5 (d!), libdb1 (d!), libreadline2 (d!), ncurses3.0 (d),
>         perl (s), awk (s!), gnuplot(s!), amanda-client(s)
> [Package amanda. (d!) = installed dependancy, (d) = not installed
> dependancy, (s!) = installed suggests, (s) = not installed suggests]
> If amanda is not installed then the following is okay if the user
> has suggests as depends enabled:
>   - amanda     ncurses3.0 perl amanda-client
> However, if amanda is already installed it would look like:
> -   amanda            perl amanda-client
> Which seems silly? There is an entry in the 'Install As Well' but no
> Install Version! If we hide the install as well when there is no version
> then you can have:
> --* amanda    ^ 3.0     perl amanda-client
> Which seems also silly..

Oh!  I see.  The user has just enabled Deity to install suggests as

Yes, those do seem silly.

> Perhaps the correct thing to do is to only use the user's preference of
> deps when the package is not installed? This would imply that the only
> time the user's preference of deps was applied is when it is not already
> installed.

Yes.  Or when a package is upgraded.

> [btw, Install as Well now shows up and looks really nice ;>]




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