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Ack, suggests/recommends


 We don't want auto installation of suggests and recommends for packages
 that are already installed.
    -- Last couple emails

Then what do I show on Install as Well ? :>
An example:
amanda: libc5 (d!), libdb1 (d!), libreadline2 (d!), ncurses3.0 (d),
        perl (s), awk (s!), gnuplot(s!), amanda-client(s)
[Package amanda. (d!) = installed dependancy, (d) = not installed
dependancy, (s!) = installed suggests, (s) = not installed suggests]

If amanda is not installed then the following is okay if the user
has suggests as depends enabled:

  - amanda     ncurses3.0 perl amanda-client

However, if amanda is already installed it would look like:

-   amanda            perl amanda-client

Which seems silly? There is an entry in the 'Install As Well' but no
Install Version! If we hide the install as well when there is no version
then you can have:

--* amanda    ^ 3.0     perl amanda-client

Which seems also silly..

Perhaps the correct thing to do is to only use the user's preference of
deps when the package is not installed? This would imply that the only
time the user's preference of deps was applied is when it is not already

What do you think?

[btw, Install as Well now shows up and looks really nice ;>]


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