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Re: Autoinstall, upgrade, etc

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Behan Webster wrote:

> Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > 
> > When should Deity decide that a package is going to be automatically
> > installed? (Section 1.7) I was originally thinking this would be done
> > after the user selects the 'go' button.
> So if someone clicks on inst for a package all dependencies are also
> auto selected.  If this package is subsequently unselected, then all
> it's dependencies are likewise unselected.  The only exception to these
> rules are if the user has specifically selected one of the dependencies
> for inst or another package requires it for it's dependencies.

Okay, I assume you want the 'Install as Well' to remain unchanged by this
action but that you also want those same packages to be marked as Install
Therefore, Install As Well will show any packages that are
  1) Not installed or marked for install 
  2) Marked for install but have this 'auto' flag (auto remove and was autoselected)
But will not show
  1) Packages marked for install that the user selected
  2) Packages that are already installed (auto or not)

Is that okay?

Also, removing a package may result in other packages immediately and
automatically being marked for remove by deity (auto). 

> I must remind you that why a package has been installed needs to be
> recorded.  If somebody has manually installed a package, then it's there
> until the user manually purges it.  If on the other hand, a package is
> auto installed, then it will be auto removed when the dependant package
> is removed as well.  This means that unlike in Microsoft Windows, system
> libraries that aren't being used (and that have been auto installed)
> don't stick around taking up disk space.
> As a side note, I would expect most people to allow all library packages
> to be installed as needed and conversely auto removed if they are no
> longer needed.

We should probably somehow indicate that a package is in automode and to
set it to automode. When I first start using deity the first thing I would
do is mark all the installed libraries as auto so it can remove the ones
I'm not using. I imagine this will go in the status box (?) Also, how
about a list menu item to show all Auto packages? 

All packages will default to non-auto and only packages explicily set as
auto by deity will be so.


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