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[Pkg-xfce-devel] xfce4 in ubuntu

Hi Emanuele

> Do the changelog explain why the epoch was introduced? I am a bit
> reluctant about using them if not *strictly* necessary...

It says
 xffm (1: unstable; urgency=low

  * Raise version to keep APT happy.

Well for debian it is not necessary at all, but since ubuntu has the
epoch it means it will forever be 'newer' than debian's version. I
agree it's ugly and I wish there was a more elegant solution.

> But let's hear what other people think, especially Simon, who did the
> biggest amount of work on the core of the desktop environment.

> The reason why we adopted the 'xfce4-terminal' name (after a long
> discussion) is that we are trying to avoid general names for
> applications which are Xfce oriented. A transitional package called
> xterminal would break all our efforts in that direction.

I agree xfce4-terminal is a better name.Then if we chose to make an
xterminal dummy package it will only be in ubuntu.

Right now our changes include new dependencies which mostly reflect
the modularisation of X.org packages. Do your packages assume x.org or
are they supposed to work with xfree86 too?


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