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[Pkg-xfce-devel] xfce4 in ubuntu

Hello all
I am half of the team of two caring for xfce4 in ubuntu.
I'll shortly summarize our activity so far:
-we used 4.2.1 os-works packages for hoary
-we are migrating to 4.2.2 packages in sid to ease bidirectional syncs
in the future

One of the problems we bumped into is that  our current xffm4 package
uses an epoch - 1:4.2.1 making it 'newer' that 4.2.2 in sid which mean
we cannot smoothly upgrade and sync.
Would it be ok with you to add an epoch to xffm4 in debian too so we
don't have to keep gratuitous deltas? I don't know why the epoch was
needed back then.

Another os-works /sid difference is the package name of Benny's
terminal.He used xterminal while sid has xfce4-terminal.
To make upgrading easier it was suggested to me that a new xterminal
transitional package is created and made dependent on xfce4-terminal,
while the latter is set to Replace and Conflict with an xterminal
package earlier than the transitional version.
Again would you take such a change in debian -  I suppose it helps
those currently using debian who have used os-works packages in the

I'll keep you posted with our changes to see if they're relevant to debian.


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