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Bug#645007: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: Radeon assert crashes with non-GL apps

 > Thanks. Looking at the backtrace and the code, I think the patch below
 > might fix the problem. Can you try it? Note that the code has changed
 > quite a bit from the version in squeeze, so the patch probably won't
 > apply directly to that.

    I can't do that much non-essential work right now.  If you could
hand me a tarball or something easily installable/removable on
squeeze, that would help a lot.

 > > Is it possible we're chasing slightly dodgy hardware?
 > There isn't really any indication for that, why do you keep asking? :)

    You misunderstood either this or the previous question if you
believe me to be asking the same question again.  Not important.

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