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Bug#645007: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: Radeon assert crashes with non-GL apps

 > It's possible, but doesn't seem very likely. I couldn't reproduce the
 > problem on an RS880, which should use basically the same acceleration
 > code as your RS780.

    The ID I see in the logs is "ATI Technologies Inc 760G [Radeon
3000]", FWIW.  The "780" bit looks to be an audio controller
personality on the same silicon.

    Maybe the hardware is just a hair removed from working to spec?

 > Please provide as many details as possible about how you run the
 > xscreensaver hacks when the problem occurs, e.g. any command line
 > options passed to them, their window size, whether they're running with
 > a compositing manager or without, ...

    They revealed themselves as a problem with the out-of-the-box
xscsreensaver setup.  They will also cause issues run with -root
without any xscreensaver in the picture.  The root window they're
drawing into in each case is 1920x1080.  No compositing window

    Thanks for looking at this!

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