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Re: xkb-data: Changes to 'debian-unstable'

Julien Cristau wrote:
Hi David,

On Thu, Sep  3, 2009 at 07:50:03 -0400, David Nusinow wrote:

Pasted from the dh_prep manpage:

      dh_prep is a debhelper program that performs some file cleanups in
      preparation for building a package. (This is what dh_clean -k used to
      do.)  It removes the package build directories, debian/tmp, and some
      temp files that are generated during the build. Putting this at the
      start of the build process makes the build process idempotent.

So the documentation talks about it as being for cleanups prior to
building the package. Is there a reason this should go in the
install target? It's entirely possible that there's some interaction
between the Makefile targets that I'm missing that makes it optimal
to add to the install target as well.

Building the package here means building the debs, aiui.  dh_prep
removes the debian/tmp and debian/$package directories, which are
created by make install and dh_install, so you'd call it right before
make install to remove any files remaining in case of calling
'debian/rules binary' twice in a row, without 'debian/rules clean' in

That's reasonable, but my worry with that is that you're deleting part of the build tree mid-build, which I imagine could cause some issues in theory. I'm fine with reverting the change and just replacing dh_clean -k with dh_prep. I'll also file a bug against debhelper asking for clarification and a better explanation in the docs. I won't be able to do this until I get home after work this evening though.

Also, is there any particular reason for bumping the debhelper compat
level?  I've been holding off on moving to something > 5 unless I was
using the new dh stuff, so far.
There's no major need, but I'd rather stay on top of it so we don't
have to worry about updating it later when v5 becomes deprecated.
Since no one seems to be particularly interested in backporting
these X packages to the current stable it shouldn't cause any real
problems. It's not a big deal though and if you'd rather stay at v5
and above (v4 is currently deprecated) I'm fine with that.

Agreed that it's not a big deal, lenny has debhelper 7.0.15 anyway.  I'm
actually interested in the new options in debhelper 7.3 which could make
our rules files way simpler.  I've played with it a bit a while ago, see
for example (comments welcome, btw).

I've been putting off switching to dh because it's been a low priority, and I worry about the cdbs-ness of the thing. It looks like dh does create a logfile as it strings together the dh_* commands though, which would hopefully make it less opaque. The shortened rules file is appealing though, especially for some of the simpler packages like the protocol headers. To give a full critique I'll have to spend some time learning dh, which I'll do if this is something you want to push forward on.

- David Nusinow

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