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Bug#521667: libgl1-mesa-dev: please package dri.pc

On Sun, 2009-03-29 at 21:12 +1100, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:
> X.org from mid 2008 (commit d6b8d9eaffaf3f976db330bc35da3d30eb656bac)
> checks for DRI support looking for the dri.pc added to Mesa also in mid
> 2008. However, the Debian packaging scripts for Mesa 7.4 do not install
> the dri.pc file generated during the build.
> This means that the next release of the xserver-xorg-core will not be
> able to build. I'm pretty sure handling it just like the gl.pc file
> should be fine.

Looks like we're going to have to make libgl1-mesa-dev arch-specific,
and possibly libglu1-mesa-dev and libglw1-mesa-dev too, as there's no
guarantee that the .pc files will be identical, being generated at build
time.  sigh.


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