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Bug#519221: libpixman -- bug recently submitted related to your patch

I forgot to CC the bug in this conversation. The following is Michel's
response and my reply:

>> The 2D acceleration engine supports a 4096x4096 desktop and I am well
>> within that limit. Also, I don't see why using a terminal emulator
>> should depend on 3D acceleration.
>For text rendering, which these days is usually implemented using a
>RENDER extension Composite operation.
>> Furthermore, this setup worked perfectly before that pixman patch. If
>> it is related to my 3D virtual desktop size, why is it that an sse2
>> patch in pixman triggered the problem?
>It didn't; apparently the software rendering speed was just good enough
>for you before. I'm just saying that you might get even better
>performance than before with hardware acceleration, but of course the
>pixman performance regression should be addressed regardless.
> Earthling Michel Dänzer           |                http://www.vmware.com
> Libre software enthusiast         |          Debian, X and DRI developer

Ah, I misunderstood the intent of your reply. I am quite content with
what I had before; if we can fix the pixman regression and I can have
a snappy console again, I will be happy, regardless of what is doing
the rendering. :) I have never experienced performance problems and
would much rather continue to work as I have than to run below native
resolution of my monitors to fit in the 3D desktop buffer, purchase a
new video card, or rearrange my monitor setup.


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