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Bug#519221: libpixman -- bug recently submitted related to your patch

Hello, Michel;

> This is likely your first problem. The 3D engine of your card can only
> handle coordinates up to 2560x2560.
I don't understand how this could be a factor. I am well aware that
part of my screen is out of the 3D engine's domain, but this is not a
problem for me as I don't do anything that requires 3D acceleration.

The 2D acceleration engine supports a 4096x4096 desktop and I am well
within that limit. Also, I don't see why using a terminal emulator
should depend on 3D acceleration. Furthermore, this setup worked
perfectly before that pixman patch. If it is related to my 3D virtual
desktop size, why is it that an sse2 patch in pixman triggered the

> However, due to peculiarities in the way KDE/Qt4 render text, I suspect
> you may still be hitting other fallback paths which have only been fixed
> in newer xserver upstream.
I am using kde3 at the moment.


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