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Bug#452739: Crash

Hi Brice,

Please see below.

Brice Goglin wrote:

If what you want is actually the log of the previous X session (before gdm restarted),
then it should be in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old.

According to the upstream dev, page table error can be caused by the previous X session leaving bad page table entries and the new session finding them. So the
log of the previous session would probably be interesting.


"page table error" appeared in Xorg.0.log.old file.
This is a log file for X.org failed restart attempt after a crash.
This restart attempt left a screen blank, and "page table error" line
in the log file. "text" VTs were also blank. I restarted the laptop.
Then, reportbug tool grabbed Xorg.0.log file after successful X.org

I will try to catch Xorg.0.log after a crash. Now I am searching
how to prevent gdm or X.org from restarting, so I can save log files
after a crash.

Probably, I will disable gdm in /etc/rc*.d/ directories and start
gdm manually from a command line.


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