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Bug#453782: xserver-xorg-video-nv: Please support suspend to ram

Brice Goglin wrote:
Eugen Dedu wrote:
But on computers like mine (MacBookPro v3) it does not work.  On

it is written that s2ram works with old nvidia drivers and vanilla linux.

The nvidia driver knows a lot more than nv. It can tweak both X and the
kernel to do things, it is much easier for nvidia to support s2ram.

With linux's acpi_sleep=s3_bios, I execute s2ram -f.  At resume, the
computer works, but the screen is black, pressing CapsLock does not
change the LED.

Here's what the upstream dev thinks about this:
< bgoglin> aaronp: what's the status of s2ram with nv? should work?
buggy and might be fixed? wontfix?
< aaronp> My understanding was that it works as long as the system POSTs
the GPU on resume.
< ajax> which only works if the BIOS is there to be POSTed.
< aaronp> right

You might want to try passing -p (or maybe -s) to s2ram in case it
helps. Try switching to VT console before suspend too.


I have done two tests:

After s2ram -p -f in VT1: screen remains black.  LED at CapsLock works,
CD ejecting (button F12) works. I switched blindly to VT3 (alt ctrl f3), logged as root and executed halt -t now. The computer halted.

After rmmod sky2;s2ram -p -s -f in VT1: screen black, capslock LED ok, but after doing ctrl+alt+f7 (X11), even CapsLock LED stopped functioning and the machine is not responsive at all. I must stop it with Power button.


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