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Bug#452739: Crash

Moshe Gorohovsky wrote:
Hi Brice,

1. The crash is not easy to reproduce. It occurs once or twice a day
   on Debian unstable, all packages upgraded on 20071203.

2. I have not switched between "text" VTs and X VT before a crash.

3. "page table error" appears only after a crash.
   Now I realize that the log file I had supplied is from gdm
   restart attempt after a crash. I am searching how to disable
   gdm automatic restarts. I will supply more information
   if I catch a crash and its log file.

How to allow gdm startup at boot and disable gdm or X.org
restarts after a crash?

If what you want is actually the log of the previous X session (before gdm restarted),
then it should be in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old.

According to the upstream dev, page table error can be caused by the previous X session leaving bad page table entries and the new session finding them. So the
log of the previous session would probably be interesting.


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