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Brice Goglin a écrit :
Freddec Tux wrote:
My real one is freddectux@gmail.com <mailto:freddectux@gmail.com>
No problem, I updated the bug submitter's address accordingly.
The problem is on the PC i use at my work  and I'm on hollyday for One
week and half.
I'll will try this as soon as possible, and saiy more at this time
No worry, this is your bug, I don't experience it, so I can live without
fixing it immediately :)
of course ;)
I come back from hollydays today  and

First :
I upgrade the xserver-xorg-video-nv from 1:2.1.2-2 to 1:2.1.3-1 version that come in testing during my abscence
  -> restart X, but no pointer

Second Time
I modify the xorg.conf with Option "SWCursor" "yes" in the Device Section as you suggest
 -> restart X, no more pointer
(I also try to with "HWCursor" "false" and "true" as i see on the web, but no more pointer)

I reboot, then I've the pointer, I try to restart X again, and...no pointer :-(

I've make diff beetween each Xorg.0.log (with and without pointer) but i see no différences

Come back to the Vesa driver for waiting another idea

Thank's for reading and responding me

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