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Bug#440389: Too wide for 800x600

jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
> Thanks but junior user me is not ready to compile anything.

No junior user is ready to modify resources files, while anybody is able
to enter 5 command lines that I gave you in the previous mail. What's
the point of reporting bugs and then refusing to help debug them?

> However
> I'm convinced that the problem is merely that your good intentioned
> effort to fill in the unbalanced lack of
> 38a39
>> #endif

Our good intentioned effort comes from upstream, we don't patch
Xresources files without a good reason. They broke the resources file in
1.1.6 and fixed it right after.

> in /etc/X11/xdm/Xresources, ended up being put in too early in the
> file. Closing the wrong #if.
> This causes innocent "800" users to end up swallowing a lot of code
> meant for "> 800" screens. Test it on a 800x600. It goes off the edge
> of the screen!

Please provide a patch, junior user me is not ready to test/debug xdm in
800x600 mode.

> And on >800 screens I still have to comment out
> !xlogin*failFace: 	Helvetica-18:bold
> to make the bevel problem go away.

Please don't mix multiple bug reports. You already said that in another
report, we read it.


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