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Bug#437333: libgl1-mesa-dri: support for Intel 945GME, G33, Q33 and Q35

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann wrote:
> Using any gl command (like glxinfo, glxgears) on kernel 2.6.22.x and mesa 
> 6.5.2-7/ 7.0.1-1 results in X.org crashing with an Intel G33 onboard graphics 
> card (driver "i810" and "intel" produce the same issues).
> [...]
> The required support for Intel 945GME, G33, Q33 and Q35 chipset has been 
> added to upstream mesa after 7.0.1 was released, a git diff which applies 
> to mesa 7.0.1-1 can be found in the mesa upstream git at freedesktop.org. 
> The 945GME [4] support is a precondition for applying the G33, Q33, and 
> Q35 [5] patch, as it affects the same lines and because of slight 
> reformatting of the affected hunks.
> [...]		
> As it just adds the PCI ID definitions to mesa and doesn't actually change 
> the code, the impact on general mesa stability seems to be minimal, closer 
> inspections between mesa 7.0.1 and the affected commits don't suggest 
> further problems.
> Most of the debugging has been conducted on mesa 6.5.2-7, but was confirmed 
> to be still present in mesa 7.0.1~rc2-1 and the final 7.0.1-1 from unstable, 
> further raw logs can be found here [6]. Adding the mentioned patches and 
> rebuilding mesa 7.0.1-1 fixes the mentioned issues and using OpenGL becomes 
> stable on i386 and x86_64.

I didn't know the support for these boards was missing from Mesa 7.0.

We'll see what Michel thinks about backporting these patches. They are
very simple, but they don't seem to be queued for Mesa 7.0.2 or so. So
I'd rather get positive opinion from upstream before applying them.


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