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Bug#431746: #431746,xserver-xorg: Xinerama active, but <= 0 screens?

retitle 431746 Xorg/sparc: Xinerama active, but <= 0 screens?
thank you

BERTRAND Joël wrote:
>     I have tested some configurations to isolate parameters :
> 1/ sparc32/smp SS20 + CG14 -> bug (I haven't tested with CG6 because
> my test workstation has no empty Sbus). I have a ZX framebuffer (leo)
> in a SS5, but ZX framebuffer support is totaly broken in 2.6.x kernels;
> 2/ sparc64/smp U60 (UPA/PCI) + Creator3D -> bug;
> 3/ sparc64/smp U2 (UPA/Sbus) + Creator3D -> bug;
> 4/ i386 + prosavage8 -> no bug;
> 5/ i386 + Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP) -> no bug.
>     All configurations are up to date (debian testing).
>     I don't know if this bug is sparc32/64 specific, but I only see
> this bug on sparc32 and sparc64, never on i386.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to any machine like this.

You said earlier:
"All program that test Xinerama crash because XineramaIsActive returns
TRUE _and_ XineramaQueryScreens returns a NULL pointer and a number of
screens <=0. Maybe the bug is in XineramaQueryScreens ?"

So I guess the next step would be to check the return values of these
functions on your i386 machines? Then, it will probably be a good time
to forward the bug upstream (unless you want to rebuild the server with
some debugging printf to find out what's going on in the internal

By the way, when you say "<= 0", do you mean "< 0" ?


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