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Bug#399862: Xorg 7.1 on CG14 (sparc32)

BERTRAND Joël wrote:
>     Yes, I have.
>     Configuration : SS20 with dual SM71, 2.6.22-rc7 smp kernel (with
> only one SMP related bug on sparc32 ;-) ), CG14 (1280x1024@76),
> debian/testing up to date.
>     1/ X works fine (but I have to add /dev/tty0 in udev configuration
> script because udev does'nt create tty0 !) with xfs ;
>     2/ gdm does not run (same bug than sparc64, XineramaIsActive
> always returns True even if Xinerama is not active).

So, if I understand correctly, #399862 can be closed,while #431746
occurs on multiple machines?


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