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Bug#399862: Xorg 7.1 on CG14 (sparc32)

Brice Goglin a écrit :
BERTRAND Joël wrote:
    Yes, I have.

    Configuration : SS20 with dual SM71, 2.6.22-rc7 smp kernel (with
only one SMP related bug on sparc32 ;-) ), CG14 (1280x1024@76),
debian/testing up to date.

    1/ X works fine (but I have to add /dev/tty0 in udev configuration
script because udev does'nt create tty0 !) with xfs ;
    2/ gdm does not run (same bug than sparc64, XineramaIsActive
always returns True even if Xinerama is not active).

So, if I understand correctly, #399862 can be closed

Yes, #399862 can be closed. I have token some time to test because 2.6 kernels are not stable on sparc32 (even without SMP due to a lack in ESP SCSI driver)...

while #431746
occurs on multiple machines?

	I have tested some configurations to isolate parameters :

1/ sparc32/smp SS20 + CG14 -> bug (I haven't tested with CG6 because my test workstation has no empty Sbus). I have a ZX framebuffer (leo) in a SS5, but ZX framebuffer support is totaly broken in 2.6.x kernels;
2/ sparc64/smp U60 (UPA/PCI) + Creator3D -> bug;
3/ sparc64/smp U2 (UPA/Sbus) + Creator3D -> bug;
4/ i386 + prosavage8 -> no bug;
5/ i386 + Radeon Mobility 9200 (AGP) -> no bug.

	All configurations are up to date (debian testing).

I don't know if this bug is sparc32/64 specific, but I only see this bug on sparc32 and sparc64, never on i386.



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