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Bug#318923: utf-8 option for xterm does not work anymore

Thomas Dickey wrote:

Though (I don't see it in my changelog), there was the
additional complication of ensuring that simply having UTF-8
locale set in the environment did not cause the utf8 resource
in xterm to be set, e.g.,

setenv LANG=en_US.UTF-8
>     xterm +u8

should run xterm without the resource set.

Couldn't the same effect be achieved (with the old version) just
by calling, e.g., LANG=en_US xterm? On my system this un-utfs the
xterm very well.

The new version gives XTerm(220).

The new version gives XTerm(202).

You are right, of course.

Generally the old binaries run - I happened to notice last
night that I had about 75 copies of xterm in my /usr/local/bin
(and the bug that I was looking at dated back before X11R5 ;-).

How do you keep them all sorted out? ;-)

Extra data point: after purging "new", installing "old", and then
copying only the "new" xterm binary over the "old", the bug
recurred. So it seems the bug really is in the binary, not in any
(possibly changed) config stuff installed by Debian.

Regards, Jan

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